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Made for the First Low-Tier Game Jam

As gravity has been unanimously agreed upon across the universe to be a bad idea, lets get rid of it shall we?

Play as a still to be unnamed robot that has developed the ability to stick to any surface he touches, unfortunately he hasn't developed the ability to turn this superpower off, so be careful not to touch anything dangerous!

With a total of 10 layouts of varying difficulty, try your best to survive as long as you can

Levels are randomly generated so don't blame me if it breaks... blame your computer for generating the wrong numbers...

Control Scheme in the game, hope you enjoy!

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Made withUnity
Tags2D, Game Jam, Gravity, Robots


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this is a good concept, i like how it links to your previous game jam. the quality is a nice step up and the sound, although as you explained in your video was made with no experience, is pretty cute. my only issue with it is being able to jump over the crystal and thus avoiding level generation- but that's more me being dumb than an actual coding error. looking forward to your work in future

Thank you so much! I played around with putting the level spawning on a timer as the move speed is constant so it should have worked but I couldn't balance it right, perhaps I could make it simply when you touch the sides. I hadn't thought of that. Much appreciated!

Really great idea and executed amazingly :) I love the little story you are creating through this game and the previous. The character design is also great alongside the animations! The simple music fits really well and really contrasts to some of the surprisingly difficult aspects of the level. On very few occasions, another jump doesn't seem to register after a long jump but that is really not much of an issue, everything else works perfectly. The dash action is really creative in the way it is performed with the visual and auditory effects that accompany it. It's a shame that there was such a limited time to create the game as there is great potential! :)


Such kindness thank you so much! If it is received well I will definitely continue working on it, it was so much fun to make!


Collecting a normal coin seems to have a weird audio bug the other sfx don't have, if any knows why this might be id love to find out, but with 4 minutes left definitely cant fix that now! It only happens in the web build :)