A spaceship flying to the moon but can move with a grappling hook because it has no fuel


Left Mouse Button  or Space key 


This game was made possible by three game developers 



All Assets used have been created during the jam by the three of us!


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pretty good i like the music its kinda short tho

Played on mobile and works really well, could definitely be expanded for a full release there. great job!


Great game! I wish I could have helped, but only 3 people per team was allowed :( Great game anyways! I wish there was more levels, however for 3 days I think it is a good amount!


thank you beebomb

nice game

nice music

nice feedback

Thank you :D



nice coment

Thank you for playing the game !


I like the idea, music and details like the changing color schemes. Only problem i had was that in one of the levels (the one with some blocks and a line of coins to the moon) i got stuck a couple times because the walls didn't kill me or i was able to go past them in some place. The rocket went outside the camera and i had to restart. Keep it up!

This has been fixed already! You must have got in really quickly xD Luckily Em is amazing and let us fix it! Thanks for playing really glad you enjoyed it!!


glad you enjoyed the game !