Entry into: GMJam 8!

Join my (still unnamed) robot in the world of Renegade!

Gameboy inspired recreation of the classic game of Renegade. Play in either single player against an AI  or local multiplayer with a friend. 

Renegade works by attempting to surround your opponents counters with your own, and if successful you will capture them and steal them from your opponent. The player with the most counters at the end of the game wins!

  1. Controls:WASD - Dpad
  1. Enter/P - Start, A

Didn't need the B button!


  1. Chose the colour player 1 (you!) plays as.
  2. Chose whether you go first or second
  3. Chose whether or not you want to play against the AI

[Possible Improvements]

If you find anything please let me know, but this is what I have so far:

  1. Variable AI Difficulty (its pretty difficult at the moment).
  2. Known Audio Bugs, Looping the background Music and the start sound seem to be slightly off in the Web Build. Mute button also seems not to work on the Web Build!
  3. The screen if offset a bit and as such a few pixels of the game are cut off, no idea as to why unfortunately A non-hacky solution would be appreciated but I simply increased the viewport dimensions on the itch settings until the game fit properly 

Thanks for playing, hope you enjoy!

StatusIn development
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Made withUnity
Tags2D, Board Game, chiptune, Game Boy, gmjam, Pixel Art, renegade, Retro, Turn-based


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I know this game as Reversi, it's something I have often enjoyed playing. Glad my usual tactic of working my way into the corners worked well, won with 40 pieces. Great job implementing this game. AI like this is no trivial task. 


A pretty neat implementation of Renegade/Reversi/Turncoat/Othello™
Not a game I play often, so it took a couple games to get my brain in gear. However I was able to defeat the unnamed robot! 

Showing where pieces can be placed is a neat touch that humans will appreciate!
Othello for the GameBoy released in 1990 and did not offer such hints
A traditionalist might want to turn off those hints, and may prefer a board which is a plain grid (although I prefer the way you've done it)


Your feedback is so kind thank you! I have been wondering what the traditional names are so thank you for that I'll have to do some research! I will definitely be updating this soon, I'll add an option to turn it off (in hindsight I prefer that, especially for multiplayer with a friend now I'm thinking about it, half the fun might come from them not spotting a move.) I made the grid that way from my days with chess it just felt right so thank you :)


Really great work here, impressive!


Thanks! Hopefully I have some steam left to get your jam done as well :)


this looks really good, but enter doesn’t work as button A. I can move, but cannot select anything.

Chrome browser, Linux.


Unfortunately I don't have a Linux device to test that myself but I don't see why that would be an issue, I'll take a look at it and try uploading a build with a seperate a button and hope that works. Thanks for trying it out!


Ok just added 'P' to hopefully replace enter, if it doesnt work please let me know when/if you can, Thanks. While i'm here I absolutely love your games look and music Ill have to dive into it more when it comes to ratings. Thanks.


man, i am SO dumb!!! i didnt realise i was to click on a square with a dot on it. i was clicking on blank squares.

please forgive my stupidity!!!! :-D


Its my bad I should have clarified! Thank you for trying it out and telling me though I was very confused as to what the problem might be!