A downloadable game

Kameru is a relaxing finder game playable entirely with just a mouse! 

Are you sick of games filling as much space as possible leaving you no escape? Kameru is a built as the perfect minimalist experience to play a game over the top of your other content when you have a few minutes to spare! 

Search a beautiful castle landscape for a stunning wanted location within. It's a great way to enjoy any and all photos and test your skills at the same time! 


  • Mouse Left Click: Click Once to Start Moving the Camera and again to Let it go.
  • Mouse Right Click: Click Once to Start the Game, and again to Submit your Answer.  

Why can't I download this game?

  • WebGL: due to the nature of this game using multiple moving windows, this platform is impossible
  • MacOS / Windows: due to the multiple windows with transparency, it is flagged as a virus... whoops ¯\_()_/¯.
  • You'll have to find me in person!


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Very cool! Looking forward to the video about this :D