Made for the Brackeys 2020.2 Gamejam: Rewind

Youtube video here! 

[WARNING] Just to get in front of this now, I have another build I will upload after the jam that fixes all of the currently known bugs, turns out I uploaded the wrong version! But if you could give feedback about the parts that do work that would be excellent!! Thanks for your interest! Fixed build is now live!

My first game-jam submission! I am still not quite sure why I spent 5 days working on a platformer controller and then not used it but we don't talk about that...

Feeling blue? is a game about dodging BSODs, you play as a derpily animated robot boi with magical arms and legs, is this strange yet?

At will, you can rewind (get it) to a previous state you left your body in, called clones. You can have three clones and once they are gone, unfortunately they are gone for good, so try not to fall in the lava pit!

Found any bugs? I want to continue development for this game after the jam, so any feedback is extremely valuable!

Bug Found: game over won't trigger if the mouse is spammed while the final clone falls into the lava  fixed (hopefully)


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I was trying to play your game. but sometimes the game stops working. 

Do you know what caused this to happen? That's such a shame because it never happened with me, but that's the point I suppose. Thanks for trying it out :)

I know there was a slight bug when trying to rewind to another clone while you fall into the pit, I thought I fixed it but this might be something similar