DUALITY is a mash up of top down shooters and the fast reaction times of the Action game DUET, with a few nods to Getting over it thrown in for good measure.

I have never participated in a jam with such a short time limit so please be gentle! I have loved working on this project and I will continue it later for sure :)

Known Bugs:

Other than a common audio error I keep having, everything seems to work fine so far! If you know how to fix the weird click please let me know :)


A D / <- -> Rotate the balls in the given direction. 

Left click: A left click will shoot a bullet from the red ball. Be sure to aim it correctly and hit the spikes!

Right click: A right click will stop all movement and build a shield from the blue ball. How will you balance defence and attack?

Avoid the white walls in the wall phases, and take out as many spikes as you can in the spike phases. Oh, and say hi to the 2... guests. I'm sure they will love you.

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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Tags2D, duet, heart, intense


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I really like the game the only thing that kind of scares me are the voices. good job


Once the jam is over will you make a mobile version?

If it's something you are interested in then Absolutely :) if you want me to could you leave a comment on the devlog video that way I'll probably remember aha!


The game is very polished and fun. Good job on this one!:D

That is so kind thank you :D


Very fun. My best is 46. Going to keep on trying to get 100!

Best of luck! (my record was 80 ish, if you make it send me a screenshot I would love to see it :)


Is there any chance you can upload a downloadable version after the jam ? I'd love to play this when I'm offline


Wow that's the best compliment I could ever ask for! I will add a Windows build straight away, and I'll be working on an update to the game too, so if there is anything you would like changing/adding then please let me know :)


Hi again :) I included your comment in the devlog video, hope you don't mind! Your comment made me so happy I had to give it a shoutout. All the best to you :)


Hey, thanks man :)

No thank you man :D Ok this is a crazy thought aha but can you send me your logo without the white background, its the perfect shape for a new enemy and it would be a cool way to say thank you  :) 


Got the download available now, Uni stuff hit me right at the wrong time but I am back :) Update coming soon...


Wow! Super slick game, it has you on your feet with the interesting mechanics! I Really enjoyed a lot about this game!

that's fantastic I'm so glad you like it! I have a few ideas for an update coming after the jam, I really t enjoyed making this one :)


Great! Im excited to see where this game goes!


Very simple mechanics but an interesting and fun experience. Really liked it. Nice job

Thank you that means a lot! I will work on a few updates soon as I have really enjoyed this one. So glad you like it :)