In this Cut the Rope remake, PLEASE DON'T CUT THE ROPE! In fact, you ARE the rope! Guide Ommy to the sweet candy Spider-Man style by adding ropes to swing yourself to victory!

I certainly wanted to add more levels than one... but getting the perfect swing is still a ton of fun in the playground at the end!


  1. PatricJacquemont - 90s, N/A Stars
  2. THIS COULD BE YOU (Let me know how you did!)


  • Left Click - Toggle a Snap Rope at the nearest Snap Point.
  • Right Click - Toggle a Slack Rope at the mouse position.

How did I make this game with Rope and Softbody Physics? ( my first time trying them!) 

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Hmm, the game looks the same to me as when I played it after the first video. Is there a way to access any of the updates?

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6 seconds,6 stars,fastest time i was able to get with all stars.

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5 seconds 4 star, maybe 6 star possible

I saw this in a video

Thanks for checking it out!

7s ,6 star

Thats awesome!

17 s,6 stars


I had a great time playing the game; this weird little green guy really made my day!

Android build when?

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Amazing idea, although as already stated a lack of levels sadly! ^^


As much as I appreciate the hard work that came into this game and the cool mechanics, I would really like more stages, I think there's such potential to this game, and it would be wonderful if you could make more stages to this game outside the game jam, overall it's a cool game that has such potential and I'll like more stages