If anyone wants to make a level using my new custom level editor here is the link: https://tobyrcod.itch.io/budzia-level-editor and the password is: blanksentme!

BUDZIA is a submission to the Brackeys Game Jam 2021.1! Theme: Stronger Together! I tackled this theme by as you reclaim your budzia, you regain the ability to break blocks, eventually becoming strong enough to escape the Dungeon!

BUDZIA is a challenging platformer akin to Mario Kaizo Levels (just much easier...) where you play to rescue you friends 'budzia' from the cold and colour switching dungeon! Don't leave any behind, the budzia is the most important thing in my life!

Do you have what it takes to for this challenge? Can you get a deathless perfect run? Sent me your results for a chance to get on the leaderboard!

Known Bugs:

When you die in a room, you will respawn with whatever you may have collected. This was intentional but it may seem like a bug! (It's not a bug it's a feature I swear...)


WASD - Movement

SPACE - Jump / Wall jump

Types of Walljump:

  • Hold into the wall and jump to climb
  • Hold Away from the wall and jump to fly off
  • Hold nothing to fall off

Left click: A left click will make the player punch out in agony trying to smash a block with his fist! Be careful, if you don't have enough Budzia collected you won't be able to break it! Stronger Together Remember!

Avoid the... well everything!

Best of luck and happy jamming everyone!

Special thank you to Icoso for giving me the inspiration to make this game! Find his here: https://icoso.itch.io/minima

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Tags2bit, 2D, Minimalist, Pixel Art


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Hey, I've been loving this game, and just wanted to ask if i could get the source code.


did u update it yet?

Unfortunately I can't yet as the rating period of the jam is still going, but I will post the update as soon as I can :)

oke, ill be waiting

You can get designing too if you want, the update will add a level editor so you can make your own stuff! Can't wait to see what hell you can come up with to torture me aha!


oh this is gonna be fun (not for u)! is the update out yet? im not really active on itch that much but sometimes i come to see wuts going on;)

The update is out, I hate linking my stuff but on this video:

Which I made about the level editor there is a link in the description for a discord server, If you want to stay updated that's the best place to go :D

The Level editor needs a lot of work still but its good enough for now to get some levels made by you! The feedback so far is really positive so I would love to see what you think

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sorry for pretty much spamming ur comment i just love ur game so goddamn much, umm also guess wut? ye that right i got a 0 death run! i think im the first as well! i am GOD


WOOOW Congratulations that's amazing!!! You are awesome!

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thnx i really love ur game, ive played games i would call "better" from the jam but non are as "fun" as this

Hell yeaahhh!! That's what I was going for!! I know I couldn't make the best game ever so I focused on just polishing what I had! I'm so glad you enjoy it! New levels are already in development :)

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yay i wanna be the first to try out the new lvls, feel free to ping me  (or however pings work here on itch) when u upload the new version;)

so ummm... i broke ur game;)

ummmm ye so.... if when u get to the end u just continue to the rest of the game it start to really get broken;) i just do it again and again and the game is going insane:D

Oh no I completely forgot to reset the rooms didn't I!!!

idk wut u mean but i think so, if u just keep going the game starts really bugging up and going insane

I have no idea whats going on but I love it xD


lol ye me too i just keep going and braking ur game more and more;D

is there any way inside there?

No I was just using that as a sort of rest room, and that was a preview of the things to come!


i love that u put collision on the titile
(1 edit)

Yeah I love that in super Mario maker so I had to add it!


my record is 7 ill keep trying

That's awesome! If you can get 5 or less I will be super impressed :D

i accept ur challenge!

did u do it with 0 deaths?

i was really trying hard to get less than 6 and i got 1!

That is absolutely amazing!! I never got 0 myself!! Well done :D more levels will be coming soon...


yay i really love ur game! i have no idea wuts going on but i love it


wow i feel kool now lol ima try 0 deaths wuts ur record?

My record is 3 so you smashed it!

im down to 6

Nice work Blank! Took me 104 deaths to get to the end but I am proud to say I beat it... LOL

I probably died around that many times too xD I think my best run through was 11,  I need to give it a crack for 0! Thanks for playing!

58 deaths, not my greatest gamer moment. But i realy liked the aesthetic of the game! Simple, fast and fun and inside the theme. I just think you could explored more the "Stronger Togheter" part, but besides that, it is realy good, even the camera shake is perfect timed.

Here is my game if you want to play it too: https://itch.io/jam/brackeys-5/rate/928164


AAA so incredible, defintely your most professional looking game yet. The music, the sound effects, and the game play all really fit well together!


The art is impeccable, and the sounds/music is really enjoyable. I died more times that I'd like to admit but this was really fun. Great job Blank!

That's awesome :D I made it hard on purpose as dying is so quick, hopefully still fun! That's the type of game I love but it's probably not for everyone!