DISCLAIMER: This is a joke with my friend Whateep. We wanted to see who could make the best game about the others country (all for fun ofc!)

The Challenge

Everything in this game (the design, the art, the coding and the music) were over the course of 24 non consecutive hours. (Although I may have forgotten to make music and ran out of time…)

The Game

BLANK says is a collection of three wario-ware like mini game all played with the space bar!

Crazy Pizza is a game where you have to select the right pizza topping to make yourself full! Press the space bar once to stop along the x axis, then along the y, land on the right topping to win!

Yucc-idere is a game about dodging the saw blade, just press jump to get out the way!

Flag Invaders is where you need to shoot the alien ship (that ever so slightly resembles a dog…) of the right colour, press space under the right one to win!

How many levels can you clear before time runs out?!


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I cleared 10 levels ... after a lot more tries than 10 LOL

Pretty cool collection of minigames. I managed to get a high score of 25. Really like the art! I also subscribed, you got a cool channel! Great work! Keep it up!