Bbomb and I decided to take on a challenge of doing 2 game jams at the same time: and

The Challenge:

Here lies 'Anti Gravity' a game made with the extra restrictions of two game jams; 'One Button' and 'Two Sides'! Due to the different start times of the jams we only had 1 day and 19 hours, or 43 hours for this jam (so be gentle this is just a bit of fun xD)


Press the Space Bar to flip gravity and go to the other side! Beware of any obstacles, if you fall too far back, and touch the lava, its game over! How long can you survive in this randomly generated infinite runner?

The speed increases every 12 seconds, you might think its easy to start with, but just you wait!


 1.  Ponticmagenta: 76.8
 2.  BBomb11: 75.2     

 3.  AustinAtl: 73.7

 4.  Pizza_Gamer: 73.5
 5.  Rig 'n Pat: 69.8

Submit your time below if you think you can claim a place in the top 5!


Everything was made during the time limits of both jams by myself (BLANKdev) and Bbomb!


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Cool game! My high score was 51.7




Please include it. I'll try for 80 seconds.

Added! Amazing time I didn’t think it would be possible!

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I accidentally fell out of the world for some reason. Therefore I can beat all the times here, but I can't die.

The level area glitches out after a while, so the person who said he got 202.7 did it without seeing the blocks for a bunch of seconds. Don't count this time as the player block glitched out of the area, and I didn't die.

For some reason this just happens sometimes, enjoy infinite purgatory! (Ok I should fix it at some point, sorry!)

I got a 72.8

I'll go for record soon

i have theoretically infinite points as i do not have a player showing up

I got 76.6, but I don't actually know how to take a screen shot :(


cool game bro :)

Thanks man :D

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68.7 5th place

Got a 73.48

I like it, but I think the speed up is too sudden. Also, I'm not gonna lie, I hate the color scheme.

i got a 76.976.9

I got 56.8, good game shocking more that you made it for to jams and it fits great for both

i got 202.7 how

yooooo thats a pretty fitting name you have there!!


prob fake


How did you get a 202.7 and not die? You can't even see anything!


I got a 75.2 :)

No that pushes me off the leaderboard xD

Nooooooooo! I take it back! Lol

69.8 :')

65.3 first try, really fun and addictive game 

73.5 new pb

So close to the top!

ik, less than a second

Addictive game.


Glad you enjoyed it, and great time it has been added!

2nd place let's goooo: 65.1

Added! Awesome job :D

When trying to play again I got Scene with build index: 4 couldn't be loaded because it has not been added to the build settings

ahh whoops! Didn’t catch that, sorry!

The Game is fun but it gets a bit same-y after a while maybe changing the color palette every 50 points might help, but overall it was a fun few minutes good job!

that’s exactly what we wanted, awesome thanks!



Really cool game! Particles seem cool, movement is good and the ui button animations are lovely!

(Also my time was 39.1)






Hey, cool game. The only thing is that there is no variation, other than time speed up and random block. 7/10

I think thats a pretty fair evaluation, we might have kept it too simple! Glad you like it though thanks for playing :D

yes, that is fair, we didn't have much time due to participating in both jams. Thanks for playing!

unable to load game -_-

ah no what :O it worked for me earlier :(