Ah Picture Poker, stealing money from children before loot boxes made it cool. Travel back to 2006 with a remake of the Picture Poker Minigame from New Super Mario Bros. DS!

Find the devlog here! My YouTube Channel

I have since completely reworked all of the assets, including sounds, 3d models and animations to remove all things made by Nintendo so I can upload the game here.

Please excuse any visual errors because of this, I had to change them all quite quickly!

How to play: It might be easier to go and watch some gameplay of the original (or you can watch the devlog for a brief explanation!) Try and get the best hand you can, based on the rules in the top left, if you are confident in your hand, you can bet more than just one coin!

Submitted to the Totally Ranked Holiday Jam - itch.io as you start with (almost) no money, and have to earn as much as you can! Just realized I am an idiot I thought the theme vote was a tie at the top but I misread it, as such this game doesn't fit the theme at all. I must apologize for the mistake.

The WebGL Build seems to have annoying light glitches, but this is only my second ever 3D game, so if anyone knows how to fix that please let me know :)

Good luck, and Happy Game Jam Christmas Everyone!


  • Try not to go down to one coin, because once you are, you can't get anymore! (maybe that was a secret feature...)


Princess Luigi Model: https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/princesse-luigi-55ca932253b74a719074733045bd903b

"Humanoid robot" by pinguinoconpulgares is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution. https://skfb.ly/KDMQ 

Kenny Animal Art Pack: https://www.kenney.nl/assets/animal-pack-redux

Music: https://www.bensound.com

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GenreCard Game
Tagsnostalgia, picture-poker, poker, Short


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This is genuinely super relaxing to play, and reminds me so much of the totally-not-Nintendo classic. Good job!

What's a Nintendo never heard of it... In all seriousness though thanks for checking it out glad you like it :D