Five Steps from Home is the result of 5 developers who planned to make a level (step) each for a game with a common story about our hero that finds himself stuck on an alien planet without a way home!

Check out my Devlog here :) 

- Step 1 was made by Xanderwood

- Step 2 was made by BLANKdev, that's me!

- Step 3 was made by Frozen Well                                                                                            

 -Step 4 was made by Whateep

- Step 5 was made by Marlin                                                                                                    

After a crash on an alien planet, the player needs to find all the pieces to repair their spaceship and make their way back home.

Step 2 is a dreamscape with a mysterious talking environment, you must use your wit to overcome the puzzle that lies within and solve the riddles of the land to progress to the next step.

I have also submitted this to the Weekly Game Jam 179 as the game is a duel of the mind, an abstract take on the theme to be sure, but a welcome coincidence! An internal dual can be just as powerful as a physical one, and in my game, you are struggling to regain consciousness after being knocked out in step one made by Xanderwood which you should totally check out!

I also found an amazing jam LSDJAM 2020 - which I had no clue about, but after reading about it, my dreamscape level fits perfectly so I decided to submit it there too!

- Use WASD to move
- Click Around to examine your environment, finding clues to solve the final riddle!

Huge thank you to all the devs, I have had an absolute blast and am really proud of what we have all achieved! Extra praise to Xanderwood for organizing this amazing event, he is an awesome guy please go and check him out! 

Happy Gaming Everyone, Hope you like it :D

Assets Used:

Music Used under the Creative Commons — Sampling Plus 1.0:


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Interesting storytelling.  I always love games that have a 2D character in a 3D world like this. Only issue I had is that I would go up the stairs and move left and get stuck in the same room until I perfectly timed moving right. Overall, I enjoyed going through this.

Thanks for playing! That was *sort of* intentional, I wanted it to feel difficult to escape the rooms, but in hindsight, it was probably just annoying, sorry about that! Glad you enjoyed it :D


I love that you even put the P in the background of the itch page. Wow. XD

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Shh, what P... I had to, the meta troll potential was too strong! Thanks for playing!


This is one of those puzzles that subtly hint you the solution and then silently mock you for not getting how to put the pieces together! Brilliantly thought out and executed!


I have always loved storytelling, super happy it all came together :)